Curriculum Vitae


Energy Efficiency

Leveraging new technology trends and past experience to invent new tools and processes to achieve practical energy efficiency gains.

  -Gather, analyze, visualize and share energy consumption information.


Sologlobe Logistique Inc.

Founding Partner - Chief Technology Officer

January 1996 ~ July 2008

Architected and lead the implementation of an enterprise software suite.

Exposing real-time logistics operations and planning. The software was deployed in large, often multi-site, international implementations, in support of large scale 24x7 operations. The system was used in a variety of industrial sectors; Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation, Food and Beverage.

Communications Research Centre - Ottawa

Research Analyst

November 1991 ~ December 2002

As part of the Broadcast Technologies - Advanced Video Systems, conducted research on Video Coding. Implementing tools for signal processing; digital filtering, motion estimation and entropy coding. Implemented a complete MPEG2 encoder-decoder pair. Conducted Perceptual Quality/Performance Experiments.


    * C-Level Management

    * Strong Academic & Research background

    * Large Scale Software System Design & Implementation

    * Expert Programming Skills


INRS-Télécommunications - Institut national de la recherche scientifique

Ph.D. (Telecommunications)    May 2002

Rate-Distortion Optimisation of Motion Representation for Video Coding.

Information theoretical work on Video Representation and Compression, more specifically on motion estimation and representation.

École Polytechnique de Montréal

M.Sc.A. (Mathématiques)    May1992

Routing and Scheduling of Automated Guided Vehicles in a Flexible Manufacture.

Scheduling and Routing. Graph and Dynamic Programming based approaches to solving large resource constrained optimization problems. In particular the optimal routing of automated vehicles in a Flexible Manufacturing Environment.

University of Ottawa

B.Sc. (Mathematics)    May 1990

Cooperative Education Program in Mathematics with work terms at IBM Research Toronto Lab, Communication Research Centre Ottawa, and Canada Post Corporation.


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